Motor Insurance

Car insurance is mandatory in UAE and is a kind of insurance that protects your prized possession against the odds while on road. It takes care of all the expenses incurred due to unforeseen events such as theft, accident, mishaps, and third-party liability. You can protect your car and yourself from all the financial contingencies including legal liability, expenses resulting from a traffic collision, physical damages, and bodily injury to you or a third-party.

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    • Here are the benefits of having Car Insurance in Dubai, UAE:


  • It is Mandatory and required as per UAE Laws
  • Protection from loss of car or damage to your vehicle
  • Unlimited liability for third party death or injury claims
  • Indemnity for third-party property damage
    Protection from financial liability
Mentioned below are 2 different types of car insurance policies offered in the UAE. Based on the preference, one can easily compare.

Third-Party Liability Car Insurance

It is mandatory to have third-party liability insurance for every car owner in the UAE. It is the most basic form of car insurance Dubai, as it offers protection against any liability arising due to third-party bodily injuries or property damage caused by the insured vehicle. The policy holder’s own damage like accidental collision, fire, and theft is not covered by third-party insurance. Anyone who is buying third-party insurance should be ready to meet the repair expenses arising from an accident on their own.
Comprehensive Car Insurance

Comprehensive car insurance protects the insured vehicle from all the damages arising out of theft or fire, and also pays out to the third party liability in case of an accident leading to damage, injury or death to a third party.
These are some of the common services provided to the policyholders:
Towing Assistance – If the vehicle breaks down or meets with an accident, the transport facilities or towing assistance to the nearest shop is provided. This service provided by the Roadside assistance service is included in the insurance policy.
Extraction and Removal – Crane assistance is provided to remove or extract the insured car from the place of incident in case of breakdown due to an accident.
Flat or Leaking Tyre Assistance – In case any of the tires go flat, the insurer will provide assistance to remove or replace it without any labor charges. Dead Battery – In this case, assistance is provided to jump-start the engine so that it can be taken to the nearest garage for repair.
Unlocking Ignition Key – Roadside assistance is provided to unlock the car, in case the keys are accidentally left inside the car.
Add-on benefits can be added to the base policy to enhance the scope of coverage.
Personal Accident Cover – The driver and passengers can avail the benefit in case any of them die or sustain an injury physically due to the accident
Off-road Coverage – Policyholders can enjoy coverage against any mishap to the vehicle while driving off the roads.
Windscreen Damage Cover – Not every insurance company in the UAE provides this benefit that provides coverage against replacement or repair of the damaged or broken windscreen.
Agency Repairs – Most of the vehicle insurance providers in the UAE offer an extension of agency repair services for up to 5 years.
Car Hire Cover or Car Cash Benefit – These are part of the most frequently used optional benefits for motor insurance in Dubai. The provider will compensate for the cost of hiring a spare vehicle. A few motor insurance companies in Dubai offer courtesy cash while the insured vehicle undergoes repairs.
Meanwhile, the policyholders can hire another car at the expense of the insurer.
24 Hours Roadside Assistance – Car insurance in UAE comes with a roadside assistance facility, in case the insured vehicle breakdowns or if an emergency arises.
Coverage to Personal Belongings or Emergency Medical Expenses – In a majority of cases, the policyholders enjoy coverage for personal belongings against loss or damage. Some insurance companies also offer the facility of availing emergency medical charges.
Large Third-Party Cover – The policyholders get massive third-party coverage.
Free Pick-Up and Drop-Off – A few insurance companies in Dubai offer free pick up and drop off services to the airport.
Natural Calamity Cover – A majority of motor insurance companies provide coverage in case of natural calamities.
Grace Renewal Period – In case a policy lapses, a few providers offer a grace period of 1 month to renew their vehicle insurance plan.
GCC Cover/Oman Cover – People who drive often to neighboring countries, this is a must for them as it provides territorial coverage
Car Insurance in Dubai will cease to exist in the following circumstances:
Driving with an Invalid License or Under the Influence of Intoxicants  – If the driver drives with an invalid Driving License or under the influence of intoxicants such as alcohol, drugs, etc., and meets with an accident.
Overloading – In case the insured automobile was overloaded or was encumbered beyond the defined capacity.
Providing Misleading Information or Intentional Damage– In case false or misleading information is provided to the insurance provider at the time of buying the insurance plan. Or, if it’s proved that the damage/accident was caused intentionally.
Unethical Use of Insured Vehicle – In case the insured vehicle is used for any purpose except as mentioned in the insurance policy.
No claim bonus is a discount offered to the policyholder for not claiming the insurance policy. It can be availed while renewing the policy.
Some of the unique features of NCB include: No claim discount benefit is transferable at the time of renewal or porting A no-claim certificate is required from the insurance provider to transfer the accrued NCB benefit No claim discount is one of the most reliable ways of reducing car insurance premium which is applicable in comprehensive car insurance No claims discount up to 20%, which can be further utilized as a discount in the premium for the subsequent year The no claim discount may vary for different car insurance companies in Dubai or other Emirates

If you are renewing your car insurance plan from a different insurance provider, then you will need the following documents –
* Driving License
* Mulkiya
* Emirates ID
* However, documents may vary from case to case